Radical Grace (2015)


Shuling Yong recorded and mixed audio on the feature-length documentary Radical Grace from 2010-2013. Armed with the Sound Devices 552, boom and 5 lav systems, she has navigated challenging filming conditions like traveling alongside the Nuns On The Bus through multiple cities and states for 8 days, jostling with the massive crowds at the election of Pope Francis in Rome, and staying stealthy in risky areas.


Radical Grace follows three fearless nuns who risk their place in the Catholic Church to follow another higher calling: social justice.

When the Vatican reprimands the sisters – citing their “radical feminism” – they become the spiritual and symbolic center of a battle for the heart of the Catholic Church. From their cross-country Nuns on the Bus tour, to serving those on the margins, to a continued struggle for women’s religious equality under Pope Francis, these sisters are transforming American politics — and the Church itself.

Inspired by the sisters’ story, the Radical Grace engagement campaign helps rebrand faith and morality as a force for the progressive movement. Collaborating with feminist and faith-based social justice organizations, we will leverage the film to support reform within religious institutions and bridge divides to build a stronger progressive and feminist movement.

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Film Team

Director/Cinematographer: Rebecca Parrish
Producer/Executive Producer: Daniel Alpert
Producer: Nicole Bernardi-Reis
Executive Producer: Susan Sarandon
Co-Producer: Jennifer Wells
Associate Producer: Laura Wilson
Editor: Kenji Yamamoto
Editor: Katerina Simic
Location Sound Mixer: Shuling Yong
Composer: Heather McIntosh

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