Trans In America (2018)

Shuling Yong filmed the “Chicago Love” episode of the documentary series Trans In America in Chicago, IL in late 2017.

Camera: Panasonic GH5

About The Series

Three short verité documentaries about transgender civil rights in the United States reveal the daily impact of discrimination on three families as they battle with bathroom bills, vulnerability in employment and housing, and the aftermath of incarceration. Each film is directed by an LGBTQ+ filmmaker, produced by an inclusive and majority-LGBTQ+ production team, and informed by a panel of transgender advisors.

Presented by ACLU and Little By Little Films, released in partnership with Them.

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About “Chicago Love”

Eisha Love was incarcerated in a men’s jail after acting in self-defense. Now, as she rebuilds her life and continues to process the impact of her incarceration, she faces the challenge of trying to get a steady job as an out trans woman with a criminal record.


Senior Producer: Lindsey Dryden
Producer: Shaleece Haas
Executive Producers: Molly Kaplan, Chase Strangio, Nora Wilkinson
Directors: Daresha Kyi and Cary Cronenwett
Editors: Jamie Boyle, Carlos Rojas
Directors of Photography: Shuling Yong and Amy Bench

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