Solution to my lack of music composing abilities.

Could this be the solution i’ve been searching for? I stumbled upon this very interesting software called Abaltat Muse. Apparently, it’s specifically designed for composing music for picture. Regardless of our musical ability, the site says that we’ll be able to compose multi-part soundtracks that are perfectly timed to what’s happening on our video. The best part? It’ll all be royalty-free! No more being limited by copyrighted music! Perfect for those who can’t afford to pay real musicians to compose stuff for them!

The tutorial video on the site makes it look pretty easy to use. It looks like if you’ve got editing experience and are already used to working with keyframes, fades, pans and stuff like that it shouldn’t be too great a learning curve. Omg. I’m really excited to test out their free trial to determine if i should go ahead and purchase it. Will post again with the results! :)

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