Final Cut Studio

finalcut3Apple released its third version of Final Cut Studio a couple of weeks ago. When it arrived in the office in a cute little box 1/4 the size of the older versions, i felt like Christmas had arrived early.

Yes, the geek in me was uber excited about all the new features it would bring with Final Cut Pro 7. Some of my favorites include:

  • Variable Speed Changes – no longer need to apply a uniform speed change over the entire clip!
  • Colored Markers – easier to differentiate what each marker represents!
  • iChat Theatre – I can show anyone who has a web camera and chat software what i’m working on in Final Cut live. That eliminates the need to export my rough cuts before showing the boss, and i can make real-time changes as we go, even when we’re in different states!
  • Global Transitions – apply transitions to the start and the end of the clip simply by dragging the transition to the middle!
  • Export in background – I can carry on working on FCP, even though its exporting a movie. No more being forced to wait 2 hours before carrying on with work again!

I haven’t had the chance to learn to use all these cool new features yet, but the guys at Ripple Training have done a great job with making video tutorials to show us the way. It makes learning so much easier than reading the manual. :)

And if Final Cut Studio’s brought me this much excitement, I might just go crazy with the release of Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 tomorrow! Ahh!!

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