Top Viral Videos of 2009

You’ve watched, you’ve laughed, you’ve forwarded them to your friends. These are the top 10 brand-driven videos of the year according to Visible Measures.

Standing at the number one spot with a reach of over 50 million? Those adorable roller-skating babies on the Evian ad.


Two things that’re almost sure winners in vids – animals and kids. Although I have to admit that watching those babies perform stunts I know they’re physically incapable of at that age irked me a little. The debate in my head on whether it was entirely motion-graphics or whether they filmed actual baby heads and stuck them on animated bodies took away from the cuteness factor.

Ranked at number two with over 26 million in reach is the T-Mobile Dance video.


Very fun. Makes me wish I were a part of it. Very fun to watch the prep too. Took place on Jan 15th 2009. Felt sad at the realization that the HTC Dance in Singapore actually came 10 months after. Not as original as I thought, especially since they’re both mobile phone companies. Still can’t beat the one at Oprah’s show though… Huge scale surprise right on the streets of Chicago… the best one in my opinion!

Microsoft Xbox’s Project Natal video takes the number three spot with a reach of over 22 million.


Only two videos in the top ten list gave me the urge to show them to my friends. This was one of them (the other was by Volkswagen). I love how it cuts right to the chase. No babies, no dancing, no outrageous stunts. Just a demonstration of the product and people using it. Very cool.

Check out the full list and stats on Advertising Age here. Thanks to @geekonomics for the tweet.

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