Chicago finally sees film action after 19 months

The Dark Knight, What Women Want, Ocean’s 11, Spiderman 2, The Break-up, The Time-Traveler’s Wife and Public Enemies. These were some of the decade’s best movies we enjoyed, bathed in the beautiful landscape and architecture of The Windy City. But according to the Chicago Film Office, 2009 marked the lowest number of feature films shot in Chicago in eight years. And with Oprah’s big announcement that she was gonna leave, those of us in the industry had plenty of reasons to worry.

Well, here comes the good news. A report from Reel Chicago just announced that 3 major productions have chosen Chi-town for their shoot in the coming months.

  • Fox Television’s cop drama Ridealong slated to begin filming in March
  • Vince Vaughan and Ron Howard’s comedy Your Cheating Heart planned for an April/May shoot
  • And possibly even Transformers III in May

The announcement comes like sweet, sweet raindrops to mark the end of the city’s 19-month major studio picture drought. Hooray! Time to get that reel and resume ready.

For an additional taste of Chicago pride:


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