The chance for an education.

I’ve always seen Creative COW as a hugely popular information source and discussion venue for all things film and media. Apart from it being reliable, it’s always had a vibrant community. Now there’s 1 reason to like them even more – The Creative COW Foundation.

Launching this April, the Creative COW Foundation will be helping deserving film and media students cover the costs of their educations, not just in the US, but around the world. Fantastic. (see full article on their newsletter)

As a scholarship recipient myself, I know how much of an impact they make on a student’s life. These opportunities open HUGE doors. I remember receiving an email a year ago about Grace Teng, a Singaporean girl who was so determined to study film in NYU, she started her own fundraising campaign and website to raise money. Through her site called ‘Dreaming Big’ she introduced herself as an “amatuer filmmaker and future NYU undergraduate film student”. She knew she was going to make it happen. The money, she hoped, would come from selling her short films on DVDs and appealing for donations.

I don’t know how her campaign’s going today, but I remember being moved by her fierce determination. Not many youths know deep in their guts exactly what they want to do, let alone work so hard to pursue it. Those who do deserve a shot at it. There is no way I would have been able to get the solid education I did at Northwestern if it weren’t for Ngee Ann Kongsi and the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Seeing Grace’s story, I understood the need for funds and I understood that burning passion. So it was really frustrating for me that there was little I could do to help her out at that time.

That’s why I’m so excited for this. Here’s to more foundations funding education like this. I’d love to see more students, like Grace, being enabled to get that education they so deserve and desire.

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2 thoughts on “The chance for an education.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      That’s fantastic news! I had no idea, but I’m really glad to hear that. I’m sure Grace will make the best out of her time there. :)


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