What do you provide?

Every now and then, it’s healthy to pause and reflect on the work that you want to do. I’m embarking on a set of exercises to re-think and focus, and am sharing it with you. Join in if you’d like and we can journey together.

EXERCISE 2: What do you provide?

What do people buy when they buy something from you?
  • People buy peace of mind – knowing that I will get the job done well.
  • They buy a fresh perspective – knowing that I will bring new ideas to the table.
  • They buy a long-term relationship – knowing that I have their best interests in mind and am in it for the long run.
  • They buy a guiding light – knowing that I will go above and beyond just delivering the service, but am also invested in education (teach to fish rather than give a fish)
  • They buy a great working experience – knowing that I always bring enthusiasm, warmth and a smile to every job
Leave out the easy, repetitive, generic stuff… What are you doing that’s difficult?
  • staying disciplined about building healthier habits – early to bed, early to rise, eat well, hydrate more, learn something every day
  • staying disciplined about keeping in touch regularly with past clients, and old friends (need to get better at it)


I’m doing this as part of Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers. Feel free to embark on this discovery for yourself too.

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