Other Experience

Take a look at some of the other things I’ve done in the past. :)

a lil’ deejay

At the age on 13, I started listening to Jean Danker on Say It With Music. That somehow sparked a long-term fascination with the world of radio and an ambition to become a part of it. I guess you can say it played a very big role in my decision to join NP’s Mass Comm programme. It also gave me the drive to constantly improve myself by reading books, attending talks/courses, and of course going on air to gain experience… and I loved every minute of it. :)

  • Producer-Presenter for ‘Chow Down’ with Yiying and ‘Popaholics’ with Darrelle on Radio Heatwave (2004-2006)
  • Deejay at Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth (2005-2007)
  • Radio Broadcast Journalist at the University of Queensland, Brisbane (2004)

a lil’ emcee

So I also have a great love for being on stage. Yeah, looking back, I jumped on any opportunity to participate in school dramas/dances/performances. Even spent 4 years in the concert band playing the clarinet.

When I was 11, my primary 5 form teacher, Mrs Stella Foo, told me that she loved the way I spoke. I still remember the day she asked me to stand up and read a passage to the class, just so another teacher could hear me speak. But me, being rather shy, didn’t make much of it… until another teacher, Mrs Allison Lim, told me the same thing in secondary 4 and asked me to emcee for the big band & choir concert.

That was when I realised my ability to host. I took on multiple hosting gigs in Ngee Ann and started getting paid to do gigs outside too. Had the great opportunity to work with some of the coolest co-hosts around… many thanks for the memories Uma, Dinesh, Siyan, Francis, Juanita & Derek. Every gig never fails to give me that adrenaline rush… love it! :)

  • MR500 Dragon Boat & Kayak Race 2006 & 2007 (SAVA)
  • Treasure8 Closing Ceremony 2007 (AWWA & NTU)
  • Bukit Panjang High School Teachers’ Day Dinner & Dance 2006
  • Pansing Book Distribution Dinner & Dance 2006
  • OCS Foxtrot Wing Dinner & Dance 2006
  • Singapore Youth & Media Conference 2006
  • Post-Polytechnic Forum Ceremony 2006
  • Musicussion 2006
  • Lady Captain’s Cup 2006 (Laguna National Golf Championship)
  • NP Regatta 2006
  • Elyo South East Asia Pte Ltd Annual Event 2006
  • Pathfinder – launch of ‘Naga Merah’ 2006 (SAVA)
  • DHL Dinner & Dance 2005
  • M.E.D.A.L.S Carnival 2005
  • Polytechnic Forum Closing Ceremony 2005
  • HIV/AIDS Youth Convention 2005
  • Engineering Week Opening Ceremony 2004
  • Music Extravaganza 2002

a lil’ events management

I’ll always have Mr Herald Bangras and Mr Brian Lee to thank for introducing me to the world of events management when they approached me to be part of the organising committee for the Singapore Youth & Media Conference 2006. It was an amazing year working together with my 11 other committee members to pull off this large scale international conference, while we were all still juggling our classes, CCAs and other commitments.

The experience gained from handling each aspect of putting together such an event was priceless. So many aspects needed to be taken care of… logistics, marketing, publicity, research, registration, sponsorship, budgeting, international liaising, liaising with the various departments and authorities in NP, management of volunteers and so much more. Trina, Lisa, Juanita, Idayu, Liling, Sarah, Ancella, Francis, Paris, Jiewei & Sijia… it was a pleasure working with you. Mr Bangras, Mr Lee, Mrs Singh, Ms Chan, Mr Sharpe, Mr Boey, Ms Tan, Mr Sabnani & Ms Thomas… thanks for the guidance.

The suntec deejay gig also gave me the opportunity to work with one of the best bosses around, Steven Hoo. Through his company, Voxx Events Management, I had the pleasure of helping to organise events like a regional soccer tournament for Nike, a Powerpuff Girls showcase at Marina Square and the Suntec Dance Finals 2008. Definitely had an exciting learning experience! :)

  • Suntec Dance Finals 2008 @ Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth
  • PowerPuffy Palooza 2007 @ Marina Square
  • Manchester United Premier Cup Regional Finals 2007 @ Singapore Sports School
  • NPDB Homecoming Dinner & Dance 2006
  • Singapore Youth & Media Conference 2006
  • Amazing Survival Challenge 2004

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