I Found a Tiny Starfish

Created with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop


Official selection – Northwestern University Student Film Festival 2009


I fell in love with a poem by Dayle Ann Dodds back when I was 14. So when my 2D-Animation professor said that our first project assignment was to animate a body of text, I knew in a heartbeat which to choose.

Created with a mix of hand-drawn illustrations scanned in, photographs, and images created in photoshop.

This was also when I learned that an incredibly difficult thing to animate is the human walk. Color of the starfish has been modified from the poem to allow better visuals.


Animation: Shu Ling Yong
Narration: Alex Tey
Poem: Dayle Ann Dodds
Music: Butterfly Kisses

One thought on “I Found a Tiny Starfish

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