Media Impact Spotlight

Media Impact Spotlight is a web video series featuring professionals utilizing various forms of media for positive social change. Click here to subscribe to the series.

Episode 6: Jon Siskel & Greg Jacobs

Louder Than a Bomb is a documentary featuring some of the most brilliant youth across Chicago competing in the world’s largest youth poetry slam. Winner of the Audience Choice Award and Standing Up Film Competition (for films that celebrate social justice and activism) in the Cleveland International Film Festival, Louder Than a Bomb shows you the incredible power that spoken word has to move an audience and bring community together. Hear what they have to say about the impact they want to create with their film and how they plan to maximize it.

Episode 5: Van Jones

Bestselling author and environmental activist. Van Jones was entertaining and inspiring the crowd at Northwestern University. NU SEED had invited him for their Fall Speaker Series. Hear what he thinks is the most pertinent thing we need to tackle in 2011, and what the media’s role in it should be.

Episode 4: Susana Ruiz

Video game designer Susana Ruiz really caught my attention when I listened to her speak at the 3G (Girls, Games and Gender) Summit at Columbia College. As one of the founders of Take Action Games, her passion for using gaming as a tool for positive social change was evident. I knew she was perfect for Media Impact Spotlight, and was glad that she very kindly agreed to chat with me after the event! :)

Episode 3: Jehane Noujaim

I had the pleasure of speaking with 2006 TED Prize Winner and award-winning director of Control Room, Jehane Noujaim, at a great event organized by the NU McSA. We discuss her Pangea Day project and the power of film for social change.

Episode 2: Erik Proulx

I caught up with Erik Proulx, the Creator & Executive Producer of the short documentary, Lemonade at its Chicago screening at the Chopin Theatre.

Lemonade features the inspiring stories of 16 people who turn their lives around after getting laid off. He shares what its like to build a strong community of support with the cast, crew and viewers and how the film has been changing lives.

Episode 1: Jabari Zuberi

I chat with Chicago-based photographer Jabari Zuberi about his work with CeaseFire and the impact he hopes to have on viewers.

Shot at the ‘Tell Us Your Story’ event organized by Inspire Films in Evanston, IL.

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