Project Green HEALS Part I

Chicago has ranked the highest in terms of number of high school murders. Determined to combat this, Stinnette & Brown LLC started a revolutionary program in June 2009 to bring together 98 Chicago Public School Students from 25 different high schools. They were given a combination of classroom teaching on the green movement and hands-on learning on ways to create a healthier living for them and their communities… all while being paid as part of having a green collar summer job.


June 2009
Duration: 4min 20secs
Shot on the Panasonic HVX200
Produced by Stinnette & Brown, CitizenGlobal and Conscious Planet Media.
Cinematographers: Karl Geweniger, Mischa Hedges and me.
Editor: me

3 thoughts on “Project Green HEALS Part I

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    • Hi Cherrelle,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m so glad to hear from a participant in the program! We had a lot of fun filming with you and your friends. Great news about you still being conscious about going green. It’s definitely a positive lifestyle shift, and a great one to go through while still in high school! How’s college going for you?


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