Social Media. There’s no escaping this revolution.

“We no longer search for the news, the news finds us.”

“If Facebook were a country, it’d be the world’s 4th largest.”

“YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.”

These are tidbits of facts gained from the video below giving us a reality check on just how huge the world of social media has become and why there’s no escaping it. A tremendous shift is happening. People are increasingly moving away from traditional thought leaders. Here comes the rise of the citizen journalist.

Believe it. The power now lies in your hands. How will you change the world for the better?

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Take it from Acumen Fund.

I’ve always believed in the mission and philosophy behind what Acumen Fund does. Am still reading about the road to how the organization started and what fueled their beliefs in The Blue Sweater: a brilliant book by their founder Jacqueline Novogratz. But if you don’t have time to digest a whole book, let them tell you in 1min 35secs.

Jan Schultink from Axiom One puts it well in his post:

“The video manages to explain a completely revolutionary concept to charity. It is not about giving food, it is not about giving the tools to grow food, but it is all about investing in profitable businesses that produce goods/services, create wealth and can grow by themselves.”

Take it from Acumen Fund. They know why impact can be so much greater when investments are made in social enterprise.

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