Panasonic AG-AF100 – I can’t wait!

When HDSLR Filmmaking started catching on with great cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 7D, word spread that it was going to completely redefine how movies are made. With sensors 4x the size of the RED One, these cameras are able to give an image with low light capabilities and shallow depth of field like no other.

The big downside for me, though, was that HDSLRs were only able to record 12 minutes of video continuously before it’d start to overheat. Not good for documentary filmmaking. There was also no XLR audio input. The single mini input jack meant that we’d have to purchase either a converter box or a portable field recorder to enable quality 2-channel audio recording.

That’s why when Panasonic announced their upcoming release of the AG-AF100, my heart skipped a beat. Finally, a good cross between a HDSLR and a professional video camera. Let’s take a look at the specs here:

  • 4/3-inch image sensor
  • Micro Four Thirds lens mount – lets you mount film camera and prime lenses
  • High Definition Viewfinder (no need to buy an additional Z-finder!)
  • Dual SD Card slots, so you can swap while recording
  • Anti-aliasing filter to remove moire
  • Uncompressed professional audio (2 XLR inputs!)
  • Built-in ND Filters
  • Full waveform monitor
  • Color-peaking focus assist
  • Auto-focus + Auto-iris if you use a lens that enables it

Love at first sight. Word has it that it’s slated for a year-end release and is going to retail for just under $5,000. Oh, Panasonic, you’ve done it again. Moving from the HVX-200 to the AG-AF100 should be a piece of cake! I’m so excited! Check out Barry Green’s detailed hands-on video introduction of it below.


Take shots where previously too dangerous or inaccessible.

I remember when I was in the midst of filming for Beyond The Drive last year, I wanted to get a high angle shot of traffic, but wasn’t able to because of the lack of high-rise buildings in Evanston.

Well, such barriers could become a thing of the past. Draganfly will launch the Draganflyer X8 next year. Dang, i REALLY want one of those.

With its eight main horizontal rotor blades, it has the ability to carry DSLR and video cameras of about 1kg (2.2lb) to let you get beautiful and stable shots from up in the air.

For portability, it folds up and fits into a case! And if you’re like me – someone who’s never flown a remote controlled aircraft before – and you accidentally lead your device right into a mid-air collision and cause a motor to fail, your camera’s still safe. The remaining 7 motors will still keep it up.

Though its pricetag isn’t openly available right now, we can get a rough estimate from when they launched the previous model, the X6, at $14,000. Kinda out of my budget right now, but I look forward to seeing where it stands in a couple of years. :)

*rubs hands with glee*

I haven’t been able to find videos of it in action outside of the Draganfly site, but here’s one of the X6 in action.

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