Top 10 Eco-Docs of the Decade

Stumbled across an awesome list on Ecorazzi. The top 10 eco-documentaries of the decade. Here’re my 3 highlights from the list.

Fuel (2008)

In the film, Tickell examines America’s addiction to oil and offers viable, sustainable solutions for the future.

Designated a Critic’s Pick by the film reviewers of the New York Times and hailed by numerous other organizations, this Sundance-winning film will change the way you look at biofuels forever.

I had the chance to catch the educational version of Fuel at the SVN Conference earlier and loved how it opened my eyes to the world of Bio-Diesel. Witness how it’s possible for us to run our vehicles on used cooking oil as we watch the Veggie Van make a cross country trip, stopping only at fast-food restaurants to re-fuel. Especially with the tremendous reduction in harmful emissions, it’s one of those things that just makes no sense to not do, really.

I personally have a dream of working with the taxi and bus companies in Singapore to switch over to Bio-Diesel. It’ll take some research and years of work,but the impact is going to be great! :)


Who Killed The Electric Car (2006)

Director Chris Paine incited anger towards Big Auto with the release of his electric car documentary in 2006. In particular, General Motors was blamed for killing off their beloved EV1 and stymieing a potential “electric car revolution” in California.

The film currently enjoys am 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

A sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car, is planned for release late next year.

I haven’t watched this one, but it looks interesting! Especially with the huge hype over Hybrid cars today. This movie’s exploration of why the quiet, fast and eco-friendly cars that required no gasoline 10 years ago are gone today will set us thinking about who the big bad boys are and why the love of money is destroying our planet.


Who Killed the Electric Car?is available on DVD.

Food Inc. (2009)

the film is divided into three segments examining the production of meat, grains and vegetables, and the economic and legal power of the businesses behind the scenes.

Said one reviewer, “You’re probably not going to like what you see here, but you’d better hold your nose and choke it down anyway. Food, Inc. is for your own good.” The doc currently has an astounding 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — with near consensus on it being one of the top must-see documentaries of the year.

I have heard nothing but praise for this movie. Learn the truth about what you’re eating and start demanding good, wholesome food.


Food, available on DVD.

Check out Ecorazzi’s full list here.

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It’s time to take action.

blog axn day-160-600Climate change is more than just about the environment. It affects our friends and families, it affects our communities and countries, and it affects all our futures.

While I’m excited that politicians will be meeting in Copenhagen in two months to devise a better way to deal with climate change, I am a firm believer in the power of the people. In a world like today, where people can start the biggest trends instantly through the click of a camera phone or a simple tweet, I’ve seen how it’s shifted from the hands of mainstream media into the hands of the ordinary citizen.

There’s no better time than today to use that power you hold in your hands. Join thousands from around the world in raising the issue of Climate Change for Blog Action Day 2009.

There’s plenty you can do to play your part. I’m making conscious choices when i buy my light bulbs. CFLs, not fluorescent.

I vote with my spending dollar when i choose locally-sourced and sustainable food. Organic, because no harmful pesticides contaminate the soil and water my food grows in. Fair Trade, because it helps the people who work to grow my food become self-sufficient and sustainable through fair wages and better practices.

Join the conversation. Share with me what you’ll be doing to build a better future for our children.

Water more powerful than bleach?

I was editing an episode featuring a green hotel in California when i noticed this rather interesting device they were using to clean their surfaces.

Lotus Sanitizing SystemIt’s called the Lotus Sanitizing System and it looks kinda like a small spray bottle. Apparently, all you have to do is fill it with tap water and put it on the special base it comes with for a while. What the machine does is infuse the tap water with Ozone to make it a powerful cleaning agent 52% stronger than bleach! Give it an hour or two and it’ll turn right back into regular tap water.

The beauty of it? Never will you have to buy another harmful chemical household cleaner again. Save resources, save money and protects your health. Now how cool is that?

Living life the conscious way…

It’s been exactly a month since graduation and life’s still a whirlwind of events happening each day. After a nice 10-day trip to visit relatives and tour NY & Canada, it was straight back to Chi-town to start on my internship with Conscious Planet Media.

So much has been packed into the last two weeks that i’ve been on the job. Had the chance to film everything from high school students doing green collar work, GreenHEALS tag teams Chicago Sky to green our parks!to the Chicago Mayor Daley at the unveiling of the nation’s first organic rooftop garden, to adventures at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park! Also just finished editing Conscious Living TV’s latest episode on green luxury travel, which was fun, although i have to admit that it’s hard to watch footage of other people getting massages in a spa; It makes my back suddenly crave for one too!

It’s been an awesome opportunity to meet people involved in the green community as well. I realize it truly takes a network of people, from the educators to the policy-makers to the business owners and media, fighting for the same cause to make a big impact. I’m definitely picking up healthier eating habits and various little things i can do to live consciously. I love getting to put my media production skills to meaningful use! Go green! :)