Media Impact Spotlight Ep2: Erik Proulx on Lemonade

So if you read my previous entry on the short documentary Lemonade, which features the inspiring stories of 16 people who turn their lives around after getting laid off, you’ll know that I’m a fan. That’s why when I heard news of the movie coming to a screen in Chicago, I grabbed the opportunity to go.

A huge crowd showed up at both screenings in the beautiful Chopin Theatre. I caught up with Erik Proulx, the Creator & Executive Producer of Lemonade. He shared with me what its like to receive so much support from cast, crew and viewers alike, and how he’s utilizing the power of film to inspire others.

[Vimeo 10130844]

If you’re in the US, I encourage you to catch it for free on Hulu. If you’re outside of the US, Erik’s arranged to make it available for viewing online privately, but only until this Sunday. Simply sign up for the film’s mailing list to learn how. He’s also currently still seeking stories for his follow-up film… Lemonade, Detroit. Click here to learn more.

Media Impact Spotlight is a web video series featuring professionals utilizing various forms of media for positive social change. Click here to subscribe to it on Vimeo.

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Watching Lemonade was one of the most uplifting 35 minutes I’ve spent in a while. It’s an example of how media can truly be used to bring hope into our lives and be a shining beacon in life’s darkest moments. A timely movie for the current state of the economy and a great tool to help us see obstacles in our lives in a completely different light. The story was engaging and the shots looked beautiful. It’s definitely going to have an influence on the movies I make in the future.

I’m excited that filmmaker Eric Proulx will be talking to us and answering our questions at a free Chicago screening this Tuesday. Join me for the 6pm session or rsvp for the 8pm session. Otherwise, catch the movie on Hulu. :)


Thanks to Seth Godin for the recommendation!

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