Gripping reality of mental illnesses.

Watching this video made me cry. Probably because it’s a stark reminder of how my parents are quickly¬†aging and the pain I don’t want them to face. I’ve already seen milder examples take place whilst I’ve been home, though they were probably more cases of absent-mindedness than a medical condition. These experiences have served as a reminder for me to be extra patient with them and to keep a lookout for their well-being. I hope my brother, who isn’t a thousand miles away from home like me, will do the same.

Produced for the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference earlier this year, Going Home gives an incredibly moving account of what it’s like for an individual living with Dementia and how it affects his/her family.

Another simple storyline that’s incredibly effective. Physical and mental disability among people is more real and present than you think. I hope this encourages you to take a moment out of your hectic daily schedule to think about those at home. I hope you’ll make a more conscious effort to look around you. They might not ask for it, but some people close to you could really use a hand.

This video is property of the Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA). Thanks to the Health Promotion Board for helping to get the word out. And thanks mum, for e-mailing this to me.

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