The Social Venture Network

I was very fortunate to have been asked to edit the footage my bosses shot at The Social Venture Network Conference back in Spring. Sure, it meant sitting through hours of speeches and forum discussions, but i loved every minute of it. I learned so much from hearing the country’s pioneers of socially responsible businesses discussing and debating issues. It was absolutely exciting to see the CEOs of companies like Stonyfield Farms and Honest Tea – brands of products i have in my refrigerator – dispensing advice and sharing their business experiences. Definitely one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve edited.

Witness the power of collaboration as the country’s pioneers of socially responsible business come together to discuss and debate issues, to inspire and aid business growth, and to build lasting friendships. The Social Venture Network is your connection to knowledge and resources from a community of the most innovative social entrepreneurs on the planet.

Edited as part of my work for Conscious Planet Media.