How technology is redefining education.

Innovations For Learning has been featured in GOOD Education for our use of computer technology to help teachers track student learning in classrooms. Watch how it all works as my boss Seth Weinberger demonstrates the TeacherMate.

Check out the full article on GOOD here. Thanks to the team at for the great post! Glad I was able to contribute some classroom footage to this.

Transcription software of my dreams.

Oh my word! After having spent hours upon hours transcribing the massive number of interviews that we’ve had coming in at KTQ (4 docs currently in production!), the discovery of MacSpeech’s new release is music to my ears.


MacSpeech Scribe will turn your digital audio file into text! I’ve known about speech-to-text softwares out there, but even those would need us to listen to our interview clips and repeat each sentence for it to be transcribed. And because I’m poor, I’ve been using InqScribe, which allows you to play your clip in the same window as where you type your text. Doing it manually typically takes me an hour to transcribe 15 minutes of interview. I’m pretty sure that MacSpeech Scribe will enable my work to get done at least 4 times as fast!

Good things do cost money though. MacSpeech Scribe is available for purchase at $150 and requires that your Mac be running Snow Leopard. Certainly a worthwhile investment for all documentary production companies, in my opinion! :)

Added on Mar 31: Mmm, upon further research, it looks like the early adopters of the software have been complaining about the poor post-purchase customer support. Looks like MacSpeech still has some bugs to clean out. Probably a wise idea to wait till they release an update!

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