Kafein Commercial

pat and i @ Studio 22 PremiereMy friend Pat Bishop was awarded a grant from Northwestern’s Adshop to film a spec commercial for Kafein, a popular hangout among NU students, located at Chicago & Davis in Evanston, IL. He asked me to help out with sound on this project, and since we had such an awesome time working together on our 280 project, I jumped at the opportunity to work together again. It truly makes a difference who’s working on the crew with you. The team Pat lined up made all the difference in making it such an enjoyable half-day shoot. Plus, who can resist a little doggie on set? :) And to top it off, we all got our choice of smoothies/milkshakes on set as a crew member. Sweet. Thanks Pat!

Kafein Spec Commercial from Pat Bishop on Vimeo.

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