Kafein Commercial

pat and i @ Studio 22 PremiereMy friend Pat Bishop was awarded a grant from Northwestern’s Adshop to film a spec commercial for Kafein, a popular hangout among NU students, located at Chicago & Davis in Evanston, IL. He asked me to help out with sound on this project, and since we had such an awesome time working together on our 280 project, I jumped at the opportunity to work together again. It truly makes a difference who’s working on the crew with you. The team Pat lined up made all the difference in making it such an enjoyable half-day shoot. Plus, who can resist a little doggie on set? :) And to top it off, we all got our choice of smoothies/milkshakes on set as a crew member. Sweet. Thanks Pat!

Kafein Spec Commercial from Pat Bishop on Vimeo.

First screening a success!

It’s been a long time since I felt as nervous and fallible as i did yesterday. By the time it hit noon, all i could focus on for the rest of the day was on the big screening. Got there an hour early to set everything up and test out the equipment with the help of Jane, Tiff and Alvin. And by the time the crowd came streaming in through those doors, there was no turning back. Strangely, I was unable to stay seated during the show… nerves, i guess. It was really nice watching the way the audience reacts to your movie though!

It was also an honour to receive another standing ovation. The positive response certainly helped dispell most of the uncertainty and fear I had. From the feedback forms received, it seems like people really enjoyed how personal the story got and how it kept their attention right throughout the movie.

The best part of the night though, was getting to truly thank all the important people in my life here at NU. Took the chance to do so since we’re 3 weeks away from graduation and the people who came were people who really mattered to me.

At the BTD Premiere

I did a little recap of the short 2 years I had on campus and tried my best to recapture the memories through little stories of experiences I had together with individuals. And totally wish i could kick myself for forgetting to mention Meixi in my speech. She’s someone I’d totally recommend you find an opportunity to sit down and talk to because you’ll feel incredibly inspired after.

If you were among the 50 people at the screening of Beyond The Drive last night, thank you so much for your support. I had a wonderful time reading each and every one of the lovely messages penned in my guest book. I admit I teared a little while reading. Thanks to Ariel, Zhihui and KX for the balloon and chocolates. Thanks to Sam, Cindy, Jessie and Jane for the bouquet of flowers and card. I hope you know that this documentary was inspired by you – the incredibly amazing people I’m surrounded by here in NU.

Still to come… an encore screening because I’ve been receiving requests from people who couldn’t make it yesterday… and the DVD release in a couple of months! Hooray! :)

Beyond The Drive – The date’s set!

Screening Invite
Screening Invite

So I’ve finally booked a date for a screening of my documentary on campus! How exciting! Gonna keep this a small affair just for friends and those involved in the movie. It’s getting me all nervous though! I guess I now understand that feeling of vulnerability an artist gets sometimes because we’re putting so much of ourselves out there.

It’s really difficult to imagine what the reaction to the film will be because it’s so unpredictable. Just look at the commercial film industry… a low-budget and low-profile film like Once became an unexpectedly huge crowd winner, while a film like The X-files had so much hype about it being the next blockbuster only to disappoint in the end.

I’ll definitely be seeking feedback from my audience come May 28th. I look forward to hearing their thoughts and suggestions. I’m going to keep polishing this up until I feel its ready for bigger, better things. I’ve definitely got dreams of sending this through the festival circuit. Gonna keep working to get there. :)

In the meantime though, it’s full steam ahead for preparations for this big showcase!

Location – check. Invitations – check.
Food, Guest Book, Vid/Photo Documentarist – TBC