Learning Quest: Kinetic Typography

Since stepping out of college where life was such a hectic blur I couldn’t even tell you what movies were playing in the cinema that month, I’ve come to appreciate the little pockets of time I can now have with the TV as I cook my meals. I admit… I’ve developed a love for Supernanny, Ellen Degeneres and HGTV. But what I didn’t expect was developing the desire to recreate the various special effects that commercials were laden with. A question that often popped into my mind was “how’d they do that?” What sparked this fascination with motion graphics, i know not.

What I do know is that I shall teach myself to use After Effects beyond whatever basics i used for I Found A Tiny Starfish. First step… Kinetic Typography. A quick search on Youtube brought me enough examples (like this and this) to get my creative juices going. I love how easy it is to find video tutorials for almost anything online, just like this one by crookedgremlins.com:

Shall give it a shot while editing for Kartemquin the piece on the No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson sneak peek. We’ll see how it goes… :)

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