How to make GMOs

Vandana Shiva, noted environmentalist in 2007,...
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I’m sure you’ve come across the words GMO or generically modified organism at some point, but what does it really mean? Is genetically modified food truly safe for consumption?

My dear friend Taylor McNulty’s been working on a documentary about genetically modified food in India and how it’s adversely affecting the farmers there. She had an amazing opportunity to work closely with a physicist and environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, who created Navdanya, a movement to “protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially the native seed, the promotion of organic farming and fair trade“.

To help us understand just how GMOs are made, Taylor asked me to create some simple animation to accompany Dr. Shiva’s explanation of the process. I agreed in a heartbeat. :) Check it out:

Learning Quest: Kinetic Typography

Since stepping out of college where life was such a hectic blur I couldn’t even tell you what movies were playing in the cinema that month, I’ve come to appreciate the little pockets of time I can now have with the TV as I cook my meals. I admit… I’ve developed a love for Supernanny, Ellen Degeneres and HGTV. But what I didn’t expect was developing the desire to recreate the various special effects that commercials were laden with. A question that often popped into my mind was “how’d they do that?” What sparked this fascination with motion graphics, i know not.

What I do know is that I shall teach myself to use After Effects beyond whatever basics i used for I Found A Tiny Starfish. First step… Kinetic Typography. A quick search on Youtube brought me enough examples (like this and this) to get my creative juices going. I love how easy it is to find video tutorials for almost anything online, just like this one by

Shall give it a shot while editing for Kartemquin the piece on the No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson sneak peek. We’ll see how it goes… :)

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1 minute to save the world.

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I’ve just submitted an entry for the 1 minute to save the world video competition. The task was to make a minute-long video of any genre on climate change. Top 15 judges picks and the top 5 viewer-rated videos will qualify for the finals. Select finalists’ videos will be screened at the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen. *squeals with excitement*

Please help me out by clicking here, rating my video (hope you think it’s worth 5 stars), and leaving comments on the site.

Thanks folks! I’ll share a little more about the production process and inspiration behind the video soon. :)