What am I going to tell my boss?

Every now and then, it’s healthy to pause and reflect on the work that you want to do. I’m embarking on a set of exercises to re-think and focus, and am sharing it with you. Join in if you’d like and we can journey together.


What is your client afraid their boss will think if they say yes?
  • Why didn’t you find somebody cheaper?
  • Why didn’t you hire someone with a more established and bigger company?
What would your client tell their boss to explain why they bought from you?
  • She has first-hand experience with our industry and understands the challenges we face
  • She has worked with us before and knows our needs
  • She has experience making the type of video we are looking for and her past work is good
  • She has dedicated her career to doing social good – she cares / has a heart
  • She has worked with an award-winning documentary production company / filmmakers.
  • She graduated with a degree in film from Northwestern University
  • She will go the extra mile to deliver excellence and make sure we have nothing to worry about
  • We will be able to communicate to our audience the impact of the work we do far better through video storytelling than through print or verbal description, and hence encourage them to start / continue making donations to us.
  • By utilizing the power of video, we will be way ahead of majority of others in our field
What would you like them to tell their boss?
  • If we don’t hire her, we will be making a serious mistake
  • She is undoubtedly the top choice for our needs
  • Hiring her will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for our organization
  • There is no one else I would rather work with


I’m doing this as part of Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers. Feel free to embark on this discovery for yourself too.

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