Every now and then, it’s healthy to pause and reflect on the work that you want to do. I’m embarking on a set of exercises to re-think and focus, and am sharing it with you. Join in if you’d like and we can journey together.

EXERCISE 7: Permission

How many people would complain if you didn’t send out your newsletter or brochure?
currently none. I have not built the habit of sending one out on a regular basis.
Clearly articulate what promise you make to those that give you permission
Those who give me permission will receive tips, resources and updates about using media to expand their impact and reach, and stories about all that I learn along the way while running Media For Social Change, and making films.
What makes your marketing anticipated, personal and relevant?
Anticipated – if it is sent on a regular basis, like once every 2 weeks, or once a month.
Personal – include personal stories. write in first person. include pictures. give readers a peek behind the curtains
Relevant – make sure I stay on the topic of using media for change. always remember who my audience is and ask myself if they would learn from what i send.
What could you promise that people would look forward to?
  • Could be a regularly scheduled, well-put together piece of work for sale/giveaway. For example, an annual forecast of the next year’s media trends at the end of each year. Or an annual non-profit video grant.
  • Could be a promise of getting updates to see behind the scenes as I embark on projects or go certain places. For example, taking pictures and videos and sending live updates when my film screens at Sundance. Or writing about the process of making my documentary.
  • Could be a step by step course for change makers to learn how to create their own videos..
  • Ultimately, always ask myself “how can i better serve my audience”? when creating content.


I’m doing this as part of Seth Godin’s Udemy course for freelancers. Feel free to embark on this discovery for yourself too.

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