Encore Screening

There has been demand for a second screening of Beyond The Drive, so I’m putting one together tonight. At the same time, I’m doing a little experiment to test out the power of word-of-mouth publicity by asking people who came to the first screening last week to let their friends know about tonight if they think they’ll benefit from watching the movie. I deliberately kept away from listserv or facebook advertising. So in other words, I have no idea how many people are going to show up tonight. This will be interesting! :)

I also had a good chat with Michael about ways to possibly market the documentary later on. But I’ve gotta take things one step at a time… still need to find a composer to create original music so i can take out those Apple loop music tracks… someone willing to help a poor college student out pro bono. Ideas anyone?

Beyond The Drive – The date’s set!

Screening Invite
Screening Invite

So I’ve finally booked a date for a screening of my documentary on campus! How exciting! Gonna keep this a small affair just for friends and those involved in the movie. It’s getting me all nervous though! I guess I now understand that feeling of vulnerability an artist gets sometimes because we’re putting so much of ourselves out there.

It’s really difficult to imagine what the reaction to the film will be because it’s so unpredictable. Just look at the commercial film industry… a low-budget and low-profile film like Once became an unexpectedly huge crowd winner, while a film like The X-files had so much hype about it being the next blockbuster only to disappoint in the end.

I’ll definitely be seeking feedback from my audience come May 28th. I look forward to hearing their thoughts and suggestions. I’m going to keep polishing this up until I feel its ready for bigger, better things. I’ve definitely got dreams of sending this through the festival circuit. Gonna keep working to get there. :)

In the meantime though, it’s full steam ahead for preparations for this big showcase!

Location – check. Invitations – check.
Food, Guest Book, Vid/Photo Documentarist – TBC