The Learning Log – an introduction

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I’m subscribed to newsletters and blog feeds from at least 10 different sources – Seth Godin’s blog, SmartBrief on Social Media, Reel Chicago,, SGEntrepreneurs, Daily Worth and PSFK are just some of them. I love the process of learning and discovery, and often wish I could spare the time to read them all, but I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with the battle to keep a somewhat organized inbox.

Maybe it’s my insatiable hunger for more knowledge, or maybe it’s that sense of satisfaction from knowing I just did something to better my life. Either way, I see the same pattern emerge when it comes to books. A peek on my shelf will reveal a good mix of marketing, social behavior, entrepreneurship and green books, half of which I’ve not read. (it’s like that queue that just keeps growing)

I’m a slow reader. No wait, scratch that. I read at an average speed, but my mind wanders every time a line in the book sparks an idea or gives me inspiration. I often find myself trying to imagine a way to apply that brilliant last line I’d just read to my life, and get carried away. And even though I wouldn’t call that a bad thing, it’s the difficulty I face trying to recall that great lesson I learned the day before that irks me. I think idea journals were made for people with very adventurous minds but short-term memories, like me.

And then I thought… why not share these crazy thoughts in my head? Pen them down, so I don’t forget, and share them. They might serve as a catalyst for even more ideas! (Oh, the power of collaboration.) And so I’ve decided to start The Learning Log, a weekly reflection on something I learned through reading newsletters/blogs/books.

I’m hoping these will touch something within you, and maybe even send your mind running wild too! We’ll share and discuss, and laugh and learn. Oh, what fun there is to come! Stay tuned. :)

Social Media goes Airborne!

Whenever I fly out of the country, my mum would always insist, “SMS me as soon as you touch down, ah!”, in reply to my text telling her that I was about to board the plane. Then I’d picture her waiting with baited breath for my next text I entered the flying no phone zone (and no communication zone if you don’t wanna shell out $20 for airplane internet!).

Enter MySkyStatus, Lufthansa’s brilliant venture into social media. All I need to do is visit the website, enter my flight details, and the site will send out automatic status updates on when your plane takes off, is in mid-flight, and when it lands through your twitter and facebook accounts. You don’t even have to be flying Lufthansa! Flying any major airline in the US qualifies your friends and family for peace of mind.

What’s in it for Lufthansa, you ask? Well, remember how at the bottom of emails from friends you see the line “sent using my iPhone”? What about “get free Hotmail”? With these in-flight status updates, will come a tag “powered by Lufthansa”. What great brand exposure.

They’ve certainly found the perfect blend of delving into social media and meeting their target market’s needs. Seen similar brilliant concepts? Share your story! How can you do the same for your brand?

Thanks to SmartBrief for the heads up. Read their full article here.

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