Y.O.U. – Selalah and Tiaira Scott’s Story

For over 40 years, Evanston-based non-profit Y.O.U. has been providing quality programs and services to youth. Their vision is that all young people acquire the skills, self-confidence, and opportunity to participate fully, freely, and responsibly in the life of the community.

The Scott Family shares their story of how Y.O.U. has impacted their lives in this video:


About the Video
Producer, Director, Editor: Shuling Yong
Cinematographer: Jeff Perlman
Production Assistant, Additional Sound: Andrea Blake


Featured – Cabrini Connections Volunteer Spotlight

Cabrini Connections, where I spend my Monday evenings teaching teens about the magic of filmmaking as one of the volunteer club leaders of Reel Talent Productions (the video & filmmakers club there), has put me in the spotlight! You can check out the post here.

Thanks to Bradley Troast for writing the article.

It’s nice that they do this to recognize the hard work that their volunteers put in, but honestly, it’s the staff who truly deserve more recognition. Brad, El, Karina, Daniel and Mike (and formerly Nicole) are the friendly folks I get to work with at Cabrini who’re always more than willing to provide any assistance I need with running the program for the kids. Having to coordinate over 150 volunteers and students each week is definitely no easy feat. But having seen the change and impact this program is truly making on the kids’ lives, I can understand why each one of them remains so committed to their jobs.

Thank you, Cabrini Connections. The kids are really lucky to have a place like this.

First screening a success!

It’s been a long time since I felt as nervous and fallible as i did yesterday. By the time it hit noon, all i could focus on for the rest of the day was on the big screening. Got there an hour early to set everything up and test out the equipment with the help of Jane, Tiff and Alvin. And by the time the crowd came streaming in through those doors, there was no turning back. Strangely, I was unable to stay seated during the show… nerves, i guess. It was really nice watching the way the audience reacts to your movie though!

It was also an honour to receive another standing ovation. The positive response certainly helped dispell most of the uncertainty and fear I had. From the feedback forms received, it seems like people really enjoyed how personal the story got and how it kept their attention right throughout the movie.

The best part of the night though, was getting to truly thank all the important people in my life here at NU. Took the chance to do so since we’re 3 weeks away from graduation and the people who came were people who really mattered to me.

At the BTD Premiere

I did a little recap of the short 2 years I had on campus and tried my best to recapture the memories through little stories of experiences I had together with individuals. And totally wish i could kick myself for forgetting to mention Meixi in my speech. She’s someone I’d totally recommend you find an opportunity to sit down and talk to because you’ll feel incredibly inspired after.

If you were among the 50 people at the screening of Beyond The Drive last night, thank you so much for your support. I had a wonderful time reading each and every one of the lovely messages penned in my guest book. I admit I teared a little while reading. Thanks to Ariel, Zhihui and KX for the balloon and chocolates. Thanks to Sam, Cindy, Jessie and Jane for the bouquet of flowers and card. I hope you know that this documentary was inspired by you – the incredibly amazing people I’m surrounded by here in NU.

Still to come… an encore screening because I’ve been receiving requests from people who couldn’t make it yesterday… and the DVD release in a couple of months! Hooray! :)