Reel Talent Productions – Summer ’10

My Cabrini Kids have officially completed their summer session with us! It was a gruelling 8 weeks, with 3.5 hour sessions packed with lotsa learning activities and they’ve made it through! We had a point system going throughout, with the kids earning frames for good attendance, participation and performance, and the top 2 scorers were rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to watch the Chicago Bears live at Soldier Field! Much thanks to Cabrini Connections for sponsoring the tix. Read more about our amazing experience here.

And to really end the session with a big bang, we went on a field trip to the WGN studios in Chicago! 3 hours of touring the facility, meeting many professionals in their various departments, plus some very inspiring words from their staff members our kids to work hard towards their goals! Now it’s not everyday you get to take a picture sitting at the actual news desk u’re used to seeing on your morning news! Thank you WGN for your hospitality and willingness to teach. It was fascinating to see the inner-workings of our local news station.

So remember i mentioned that we worked on creating 2 music videos this summer? They’re now officially online! Enjoy these pieces, entirely chosen, conceptualized, shot and edited by the teenage members of Reel Talent Productions!

Many thanks to my fellow club leaders Jane Wang and Drew Hall for all the help and guidance… you’ve played a huge part in helping to make this summer session such an awesome one. Thanks also to the staff of Cabrini Connections, especially Brad and El for rendering all the help you could give to help us out!

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Pink Glove Dance

I love this. It’s a simple idea, it puts a smile on your face, and it’s raised awareness for breast cancer to over 4 million people across the globe in less than a month. Coordinating that many people to dance and have fun in front of a camera is no easy feat. Bravo!

Let’s raise our hands and dance along with the employees of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon!

They’ve got a great page packed full of information on breast cancer and how it’s treated. My aunt got it years ago, put up a brave fight, and emerged victorious. Take time to learn more about the most common form of cancer among women.

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the lil’ showcase – videos

NU is slowly turning me into a film geek. *grin* Here’s some of the work I did for school in my first year.

I Screwed My GPA

The Northwestern University Singaporeans and Friends (NUSAF) came together to remake the classic Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way”. Loads of hard work, fun and laughter later, we’re proud to present “I Screwed My GPA”!

This music video in much better quality is available on DVD! It includes a 10 min blooper reel + a special bonus video. Let me know if you’d like to have your very own copy.

Chickened Out!

Made for my final project in RTVF 180. The assignment was to make a short film using only still photographs. Many thanks to Wanlin for agreeing to play the lead!


My edit for our final project for RTVF 280. We all had to write our own scripts, bring them to class, read everyone else’s work and vote for our favourite 2. The class was then divided into 2 groups to produce the 2 winning scripts.

Strings (written and directed by Evan Twohy) was a group project involving Jonathan Gomez, Taylor McNulty, Andrew J. Rogers, Evan Twohy, Yira Vilaro and myself.